“IRF is the place to go to find out about the future of radio.”
Scott Cohen, Co-Founder, The Orchard


The International Radio Festival is the world’s first and only conference and on-air event for those with a vested interest in the business and curation of music radio programming, and since its beginnings in 2010, the IRF has showcased over 250 radio stations and their shows.

We created the IRF to offer radio makers, presenters, producers and all those with a vested interest in the curation and business of music radio content, an annual conference platform to network with industry leaders, knowledge share, trade ideas, discover the latest innovations, and explore creative music radio business strategies for the digital age, and above all make friends with radio makers from around the world; and an opportunity to showcase their  music radio formats and programmes to each other, and the world, live-on-air across the globe, and back to their home audiences.

The IRF is a boutique event where attendees with a vested interest in the music radio business have the unique chance to meet all participants and exchange ideas, formats, make global friendships and add value to their programming.

The IRF represents the world’s first and only public on-air festival and conference of its kind, and is a must attend for all those who work in music radio programming. more…


“The love for Radio came through every day! Just hearing the stations from across the world was such a treat. Hanging out with the best in the business in such idyllic surroundings made the experience even better. More power to the IRF. Come to India soon!”
RJ Jeeturaaj, Radio Mirchi, Mumbai, India

“The IRF is truly is one of the best radio events that I have ever attended, due to the passion, energy and convictions of the people who attended. It was a well organized forum, and we were made to feel very welcome with the great hospitality.”
Georgina Chang, Lush FM, MediaCorp, Singapore


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