All about Zurich

We always say, the IRF was born in Zurich and made in Switzerland, and we are particularly proud to have been working with the city of Zurich and their tourism office. When it comes to European cities, Zurich is a well kept secret offering allot more than one could imagine or expect……



… where else can you find a cosmopolitan world class city where just about every nation is represented and where English is considered a local language, where shopping can be completed on foot, where day time Lidos turn into night time bars, and where you can jump in the river at the end of the lake and slowly drift down and away from the city into nature?

We love Zurich and we know you will too, and to help you discover it, we have selected a few links worth checking out; so click away at the pictures and below and surprise yourself!

Zurich’s own spy in the sky web-cams