Backstage Radio | Sun 23 Aug @ 18:00 – 20:00 CET

Sun 23 Aug @ 18:00 – 20:00 CET
Presenter: Samuel Vuillermoz

The Swiss music portal is run by the five Swiss radio stations Rete Tre, Radio SRF 3, Couleur 3, Virus and Radio Rumantsch and offers a platform for Swiss newcomer bands to present their music. Since its start in 2006 more than 60’000 songs by round about 25’000 swiss bands and artists have been published on the site. Backstage Radio is a groundbreaking new concept of democratised radio culture. The listeners can take the tagline “change the music but not the station” literally: Everyone can choose music from MX3′s rich repertoire via the web interface and play it on air. During rush hours you just have to queue and wait until it’s your turn to be the DJ and radio programmer.

Samuel Vuillermoz 2012

At this year’s IRF the head honcho of Backstage Radio, Samuel Vuillermoz (formerly Coleur 3 and IRF presenter at the 2012 Olympics in London) will comment for two hours what the virtual DJs (yes, it could be you!) will play on our frequencies. We will have a whale of a time, that’s for sure. And this will finally show the world what “interactive radio” is indeed.