Carly Wilford United Kingdom

Sat 29 Aug @ 15:00 – 16:00 CET
Presenter: Carly Wilford / Show:


Presenters and DJs of the same batch as Carly Wilford are probably only to be found in the Anglo-Saxon world, specificallythe UK. The passionate music lover with the husky voice is not your regular radio host. Carly lives, breathes and champions music 24/7. Listeners of her Breakfast Show on Rinse FM experienced for the past three years her raw energy and whole-hearted devotion discovering new artists and sounds to help them break through in this new era of the music industry. That’s why Carly started her tastemaker music blog “IamMusic.TV” to support those she thinks need to be heard. Carly is at the forefront of everything music related – from new artists to secret collaborations, if you need to know about it she has already got it covered. She films, edits, produces and presents all her own work as well as writing for Hunger Magazine and Wonderland. With big aspirations and infinite drive she is one to watch very closely. And that’s exactly what you should do at this year’s IRF. Come by and catch some of the frenzy Carly will spread across our airwaves.