Footgang Radio / Prefermusic

20:00 CET: FootGangRadio
21:00 CET: Otto von Ohr (LIVE)
21:40: Brilliant and The Frensh (LIVE)
22:20 CET: Arem (LIVE)
Live On-Air Showcase

Be prepared for a very special evening hosted by Arem aka Ramon Bischoff of FootGang Radio fame (a monthly show on Aarau’s “Kanal K”). In the first hour Arem and his co-host Lutzz go over some new releases with a fine-tooth comb and will also play some old and new productions by Lutzz himself. At 21:00 we are treated with an exclusive live set by one of Switzerland’s most promising beatmakers: Otto von Ohr. Followed by a showcase of experimental electronics by new act Brilliant and the Frensh. Both with new releases on Bern based imprint Prefermusic. And finally Arem, who runs Prefermusic, will close up this musically exquisite evening with one of his legendary live gigs, putting the subwoofers and your ears to the proof. We highly recommend a visit at our studios at Kaufleuten to see and hear how the future of Switzerland’s dancefloor orientated sample-zealous scene sounds.

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