Hoxton FM London

Fri 28 Aug @ 23:00 – 01:00
Presenters: Dan Formless & Normski

Since 2011 Hoxton FM is the new playground for the creative minds of London’s East End, for it’s young, talented and aspiring DJs and prestigious veterans of electronic music and beyond. “The London Show” is a weekly report on Thursday evenings from and for the scene the station is a big part of. It covers all aspects of urban life from fashion, art, culture and features, of course, the latest hottest records in town. When Normski (one of IRF’s official voices) and Dan Formless (one of the three founders of Hoxton FM) blessed our festival airwaves the last two years everybody was in total awe and agreed unanimously: This is how radio should sound in the future! We have the funny feeling that this time around the twosome will even top their last appearance at the IRF…

Norman Marley and Dan Vicious the show london yellow