Ibiza Sonica

Sat 29 Aug @ 22:00 – 02:00 CET
Presenter: Igor Marijuan
Guests: Barem, Jimi Jules, Argy

_30B9454webIt’s almost impossible to imagine our festival without Ibiza Sonica participating. The station numerous times honoured with several On Air awards (including the IRF „Best International Radio Station“ accolade) returns for the sixth time in a row to Zurich. Since this year the IRF takes part during the Streetparade Weekend it’s a must to have one of the leading dance music radio stations in the world as a part of our programme. Igor Marijuan, CEO of the station, invited three DJs to this special Street Parade show: Switzerland’s own Jimi Jules, Barem from Argentina and Argy from the UK.  The four of them will direct this special evening into a global dance party on our airwaves. If you ever wanted to experience the real Balearic lifestyle spirit without flying out for the weekend then you better come down and catch fire.