LIMUS Radio Stations

LIMUS Radiostations
RadioIndustrie (Zug/Zürich), (St. Gallen), Kanal K (Aarau), Vibration 108 (Sion), Radio 4TNG (Winterthur), Radio Kaiseregg (Fribourg), Backstage Radio (Bern), UZIC (Lausanne)


Already way back in 1983 UNIKOM (union of non-commercial local radios) was founded, at a time when Radio 24 just had received its hard-earned official Swiss FM licence. The concession-political situation hasn’t improved much ever since though and only because of technological revolutions like streaming and now DAB+ it is today possible for UNIKOM’s members to finally reach a Swiss wide audience. But even on DAB+ frequencies authorities are limiting liberal, inter-cantonal access and permit stations only to broadcast within so-called “Islands”.


During the International Radio Festival we are introducing for the second time – in close collaboration with LIMUS (Layer for Innovation and Migration of Urban broadcasting areas) – eight of these stations available in Greater Zurich area. There are f.e.: Kanal K from Aarau, from St. Gallen, Radio 4TNg from Winterthur, the Backstage Radio from Berne and RadioIndustrie from Zug.

This is Swiss radio culture to be experienced on our airwaves with all its cultural differences. Swiss radio stations for Swiss listeners – without provincial narrow-mindedness and federalism. From August, the 17th on, daily, from 6 until 8 PM one of these stations will broadcast via our frequencies a selected show, trying to impress our listeners deeply. We at the IRF – together with LIMUS – invite you to join us on a trip into the diversity of Switzerland’s radio landscape.