Love Radio Shanghai

Fri 28 Aug @ 11:00 – 13:00 CET
Presenters: Ming Zhang & Brother Huan / Show: Morning Discovery

We at the IRF are always very pleased to welcome guests from the Middle Kingdom. Remember Tangsuan Radio from Beijing two years ago and Hit FM in 2012? This year we’re proud to have Love Radio 103.7 FM from Shanghai at our festival. The station went on air way back in 1982, playing mostly Chinese pop music for a young, but adult audience nonstop, around the clock. Today the station is a part of the Shanghai Media Group and it’s programme’s main objective is to slow down Shanghai’s hectic everyday life and bring an emotional equilibrium into its listeners’ souls.


One of Shanghai’s most prolific and venerated radio personalities, Ming Zhang, will present his “Morning Discovery” show on our airwaves. He’ll invite you to sing a long to popular Chinese tunes and will give you in addition an understanding of the rich, contemporary Chinese culture. At his side will be Brother Huan, his long-time senior producer and musical sparring partner.