Nice Try Records Showcase

Wed 26 Aug @ 21:00 – 24:00 CET
Live: Dada
Live: Dollar Mambo

Nice Try Records is one of these labels that still pridefully upholds the tradition of vinyl. Since its start in 2009 more than twenty releases saw the light of day so far; all of them come along not only state-of-the-art in musical terms, but also always packed in finest Swiss design.


Sarna_SaoPaolo_large_sw  DollarMambo_2015_Japan

For the IRF, founder Sarna takes along Dadaglobal and Dollar Mambo to represent the diversity of the Zurich based imprint. Other acts include: St Plomb, Ander, MRZ, Michal Ho, Tango Cash and None of Them. Zurich’s own Dada will play a short live set, bypassing the long idle time until finally his second longplayer will hit the streets later this year. Even two new releases in the pipeline has Dollar Mambo from Montreux, he also will grace our airwaves with a live gig. The piano trained musician is like Dada a genuine musician bridging the gap between classical education of a music conservatory and present-day techno.

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