12:00 CET: Radio Free Bakersfield (Jorge Spahn)
13:00 CET: Artcore Radio
14:00 CET: Inner City Outer Space (Charles Blass)
Piratenradio Showcase

There’s no real IRF without our friends from Piratenradio.ch. The station, founded in 2010 by mainstream dropout, self-made buccaneer Shiva Arbabi, became over the last five years a trademark for finely selected playlists and shows by sincere music aficionados. It’s credo is rock’n’ roll not only musically but also as a way of life.

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For this year’s festival Piratenradio.ch dispatches a delegation of programme creators we welcome warmheartedly: First we get Jorge Spahn with his “Radio Free Bakersfield” show, featuring indie and unsigned bands covering Mexican surf, French rockabilly, Swiss garage, Chilean punk, Polish lounge, jazz, metal, Hawaiian, country, cowpunk & swing from five continents at last count. For the second hour Artcore Radio will take over with 60min of finest hiphop from the last 30 years. And last but not least Charles Blass aka DJ Lovolution will represent the diverse, fun-loving programme of Piratenradio.ch with his “Inner City Outer Space” format. Welcome aboard!