Quottom Radio

Wed 19 Aug @ 15:00 – 17:00 CET
Presenters: Nicolas Walker and Ruben Feurer


In a time when more and more print magazine are vanishing, a new magazine out of Zurich is truly enlightening our hearts and especially our minds. Quottom calls itself a cultural platform for young authors and artists, who raise questions about modern lifestyle. It’s a self-portrait of a generation trying to get to the bottom of post-migrant and post-digital life. Swiss newspaper “Tages Anzeiger” says about Quottom: “Quottom draws a picture of a generation who observes its surroundings in a sophisticated way and in this manner fascinates itself. The magazine is documentation and navel-gazing, it portrays and reflects.” We are thrilled to have Nicolas Walker and Ruben Feurer (the founders of Quottom) at our festival. They will not only present their latest issue (#6) but also talk about it’s theme “Realität und Verzweiflung” (“reality and despair”), musically and philosophically.