IRF Radio Studio

The IRF is unique not only in that it’s the only conference to discuss the business and curation of music radio content, but also offers participants the extraordinary opportunity to showcase their radio programmes to each other within an authentic radio studio environment, live on air around the globe. Radio Studio Location

For the duration of the festival the IRF builds a fully equipped radio studio offering our radio guests to broadcast their chosen show in front of the IRF radio guests and live across the airwaves on FM and DAB+ over Switzerland, online around the world, and for those who wish, live back to their home audiences.DSC_3728
For those used to a digitalised radio studio, we have the facilities for you to up-load your tracks, jingles and ads to the studio server, and we have two full time radio studio technicians to assist you wherever you require and partner with Swisscom BroadcastSumatronic and ATO to ensure a stable connection to the outside world….
…. so you will see that our studio is equipped similarly to that you are used to working with at home,  the only thing you will notice that is missing is the double glazing separating you from the outside world. Our studio is “open” and is kitted out as listed below.

Technical Set-Up:
Our radio studio, which was beautifully put together by our friends at DECIBEL,  includes an AXIA FUSION digital radio console with four fixed Audio Technica BP40 microphones, M40x Headphones and an ENCO DAD radio automation system. The whole set-up is a complete and easy to use on-air radio system, and our studio technicians are always on hand to assist wherever necessary.
And for our budding DJ’s, we have the latest Pioneer CD,  Allen&Heath Xone92 Mixer, hardware and Technics turntables ready and waiting.

Broadcasting “Live” Back Home:
The festivals technical set-up allows all participating radio stations the absolute unique opportunity to broadcast their showcase at the Festival “live” back to their home listeners, via either an incredibly stable VDSL/Fibre internet connection and/or ISDN Codec facility as follows:

2 x (MultiLine 3 MSN)
2 x VDSL/Fibre internet connections