Sat 22 Aug @ 20:00 – 24:00 CET

Presenter: Bjørn Schaeffner is the brainchild of one of Switzerland’s most avid and sophisticated music lovers, one Bjørn Schaeffner. The Bernese started in 2008 as a radio show, and turned it into a bi-monthly podcast in 2011. These neatly archived shows include one-hour mixes by the crème de la crème of cutting-edge dance music ambassadors, from DJ’s DJs like Øyvind Morken or Maurice Fulton to local heroes like St. Plomb, Kalabrese and Lux Rec., as well as genre-bending producers like Tevo Howard, Andy Blake or Eddie C. For the special show at this year’s IRF, invited one of Switzerland^s true underground heroes and one of the most sophisticated DJs far and wide. Jauss runs the brilliant online magazine fromheretillnow, is the musical director of Julie.FM and hosts outstanding parties as the whim takes him.

bjørn_nov_2012 Opening up the show is Bjørn himself, guaranteeing us with a level-headed taste in music he also is known for when working for Red Bull Music Academy, Resident Advisor and Groove Magazine (amongst others). We are more than proud to lend our frequencies for this evening to spread real and honest music journalism and curation via Swiss airwaves and worldwide via our web stream.