Mon 24 Aug @ 20:00 – 24:00 CET

Presenter: Sandro Prezzi (LexxR/MatPrice) feat. was launched in 2007 to offer a global platform for deejays to share their love for house music. But it’s not a radio only. Beside a website and streaming webradio, uses the technology of 3D virtual chat (virtual world powered by to connect deejays with their audience. The deejays log into secondlife to a virtual club setup. DJs and listeners are “there”, everyone with his own avatar, able to see each other, listen the DJs performance and chat to others. It’s the first time DJs are able to see and chat to their audience while performing live via webradio streaming.
The next step was to integrate webTV. DJs added webcams to their studios and broadcasted audio and video – to further enhance the live experience.


At the IRF edition Scoutlounge features The Groovebeat, an internet radio station created by house music DJs for fellow house heads around the world. The Groovebeat DJs play live in real time using tinychat to combine audio, video and chat in a very easy and solid way.
In the IRF edition Scooutlounge presents:
1 DJ live at the IRF Studio and 3 The Groovebeat DJs performing via webstreaming (audio) and tinychat multimedia (video & chat):

20:00 JayCee (Groovebeat / USA)
21:00 LexxR / MatPrice (Scoutlounge / CH) – live at IRF studio Zürich
22:00 Funkydeps (Groovebeat / France)
23:00 Jean Ferrenky (Groovebeat / Brasil)