Zweikommasieben x Comfortnoise

Sun 23 Aug @ 16:00 – 18:00 CET
Presenters: Remo Bitzi & Marius Neukom

Remo Bitzi is one of the masterminds behind Swiss magazine zweikommasieben. Since the summer of 2011 the publication has been devoted to the documentation of contemporary club culture. The magazine features artist interviews, essays and columns as well as photography, illustration and graphics. In addition, zweikommasieben organizes concerts, parties, club nights, matinees, raves and other fun events in various cities.


The second host of the special radio show at this year’s IRF, Marius Neukom aka, is the author of the column „Basslines“ in zweikommasieben Magazin. He runs the blog Comfortnoise & Dubexmachina – featuring podcasts, mixes and club events. He used to produce a radio show for long-gone but legendary Zurich record store P45. We’re expecting two hours of most interesting content and music way off mainstream.