What radio says about the IRF

“IRF is the place to go to find out about the future of radio.”

Scott Cohen, Co-Founder, The Orchard

“IRF is a window into the world of radio and music!”
Demone, CEO, Radio Tangsuan, Beijing, China

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the medium of RADIO and how much of my life has been dedicated to the industry. When I was 5 years old I would tune into the pirate stations in awe at this new form of musical entertainment. It always resonated with me that you didn’t have to play by the book to be heard and this inspired me to establish Kiss FM and finally give people a real variety of music, not just what someone at Broadcasting House deemed acceptable for broadcast.The excitement I felt back then has reared its head again with the advent of new technology and ways to consume radio, especially via the internet. Listeners can now experience any station in the world from their computers, phones, tablets, cars, you name it and immerse themselves in a rich variety of music and culture. The possibilities this opens up to broadcasters is immeasurable, and I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of these possibilities when I attended the International Radio Festival in Zurich. There were people there who had been in the industry for decades and some for just a few months, but we were all united by our belief that the future of radio is here already. The dizzying array of approaches to radio was overwhelming and has fully convinced me that the radio industry will only go from strength to strength in the years ahead.”
Gordon Mac, Mi Soul and Kiss FM Founder, UK

“Attending the IRF makes you realise again why you do love radio so much. You become (once again) aware of the importance and possibilities it still has and offers.”
Astrid Haas, Superfly FM, Vienna, Austria

“The IRF seems to improve year by year. The incredible variety of international broadcasters in terms of style and content is simply breathtaking. Long May it continue.”
Eddie Piller, Soho Radio, Acid Jazz, UK

“The International Radio Festival is the essential media conference for radio and webcasting professionals.”
Robert Kraft, former Fox Music President, Oscar & Grammy Winner, USA

“I went to the IRF without any real expectations besides the thought that it was an ambitious goal to try and bring radio makers from all over the world together and share insights, experiences and broaden the radio makers’ horizons. I must say that from the 1st couple of hours on the festival it became clear that the set-up was well reflected and at the end of the festival I had really experienced all of the “ambitious” goals of the festival! I am still impressed.”
Gerd de Wilde, Urgent FM, Gent, Belgium

“The International Radio Festival is a great opportunity for radio stations around the world to connect and promote the exchange of ideas. The International Radio Festival not only benefits its participant but society as whole, providing a platform for discovery and promoting cultural diversity over the airwaves and the internet.”
Alejandro Cohen, DubLab Radio, LA, USA

“I heard some amazing radio while I was in Zurich. Being exposed to incredibly talented people from across the globe inspired and motivated me to become a better jock, and forced me to re-think some of my basic broadcasting philosophies. Thank you!”
Jon Manuel, KYLD-FM On-Air Personality/Production Director, Wild FM, San Francisco, USA

“Not only did the International Radio Festival introduce me to a world of diversity in music and culture, but I also got to experience radio in a whole new light.”
Brian Joseph – Programme/HipHop Director CJLO Radio in Montreal

“The International Radio Festival is the first and only of its kind, allowing DJs and presenters to showcase their work to the world!  Attendees have the opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas, and ultimately create better, more unique radio programs on their return home.  The diverse nature of the IRF is a true representation of how the world sounds.”
Alexander Spinelli, RECESS with SPINELLI
WSPN Skidmore College Radio, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA​

“IRF – as a school, as a college. There is always something to learn. New experience. New ideas. A great opportunity to meet colleagues from different countries. IRF – the whole radio world in Zurich.”
Alexandra, Radio Romantika, Russia


“The IRF is a fascinating meeting of like minded broadcasters offering a unique platform to meet and collaborate while showing the world what our new station, Pioneer DJ Radio is all about.”
Dan Tait, Pioneer Radio, London & Ibiza

“IRF is connecting radios all over the world and showing how the soul of radios are still live. On a global world, the mission of IRF is perfect to turn local radios global radios.”
Bruno Vieira, Rdio, Brazil

“A chance to exchange ideas from international industry leaders. In a castle. In Zurich. What’s not to like?”
Conor Lennon, Off-Piste Radio, Switzerland

“The IRF pushes the medium of radio forward with great seminars, events and networking opportunities.”
Dan Formless, Hoxton FM, London

“The International Radio Festival once again proves its worth as a valuable space for meeting radio production and delivering talent from around the world.”
Paul Noble, Pop-Up Radio, London

“It was really an experience of my lifetime to broadcast from the IRF. I’ll never forget it.”
Allan Würtz, Radio go!FM, Aarhus, Denmark

“IRF makes borders disapear as we all love music and radio!”
Jason Penders, Sublime FM, Holland

“The love for Radio came through every day! Just hearing the stations from across the world was such a treat. Hanging out with the best in the business in such idyllic surroundings made the experience even better. More power to the IRF. Come to India soon!”
RJ Jeeturaaj, Radio Mirchi, Mumbai, India

“A perfect festival in terms of organization, and contained contact and warmth. By far one of the best festivals which I attended.”
Benhami Othmane, Medina FM, Morocco

“A gathering of an amazingly diverse and fascinating group of people with one thing in common: a love of radio. The most diverse radio gathering I’ve ever been to!”
Rusty Hodge, SOMA FM, San Francisco, USA

“I really enjoyed the festival – it was a pleasure being in the same room as some radio heroes, showcasing 1Xtra’s work as part of a real celebration of all types of radio”.
Alex Lawless, Producer, BBC

“Darryl and his entire team have put in a superlative effort  to bring in the people involved in the global  radio and music ecosystem to a common platform for exchange of ideas, to network and to be entertained. I think the concept of the IRF is unique and beautiful, the results beneficial for the global radio fraternity….I repeat my last year’s salute – Hats off to the entire IRF team for doing what you do so well! We have come to expect no less from you folks! IRF 2012 was great, IRF 2013 even better, I am sure that each future edition of the IRF will be better than the previous one as the event evolves.”
Tarachand Wanvari, radioandmusic.com, India

“Content was great. Great chat, great selection of radio, great conferences and speakers. Great meetings with impressively high ranked people, all of this in a relaxed ambiance. Ambiance was incredible. Such a will to network, discuss, exchange and support each other. The best mix between an efficient business event and a family gathering in an helpful community. Location was perfect. Outside the center but centered, in the city but fresh and green, sweet to meet, great and eat. Organization was bliss. A true ad for ZH as a place to conduct event. From the ice cold beers to the vegan food, from the free transports pass to the quality of the musicians, it was impressive. Even being Swiss, I really appreciated the candies, the Frey and the Kamblis ; ) I am sure it ‘s an incredibly valuable promotion for ZH and CH in a wider manner.”
Clement Charles, CEO, All the Content Ltd

“Magic! we would love to be part of every future edition!”
Karim Kerrar, JIL FM, Algeria

“The International Radio Festival provides great opportunities to the music and radio fraternity around the world to gain, to exchange knowledge, to interact, to network with and unify the various players involved in and with the most consumed medium in the world. I returned from IRF 2012 with a richer understanding of the medium, with a lot of new friends, and possibly an additional path for new business opportunities. Hats off to Miguel, Darryl and the IRF team for such a wonderful platform!”
Tarachand Wanvari, radioandmusic.com, India

Darryl’s Festival recognizes the power and beauty of radio, and I feel fortunate to be able to participate and contribute. I am already looking forward to IRF #4!”
Robert Kraft, President Fox Music, L.A. USA

“The IRF is an essential talking shop and networking opportunity for both independent and national broadcasters to come together, swap ideas and compare show styles. The chance to work with presenters from as far afield as Singapore, India, Lithuania and Brazil is simply too exciting to miss. The festival goes from strength to strength!”
Eddie Piller, Q Radio & Acid Jazz Records, UK

“The IRF is truly is one of the best radio events that I have ever attended, due to the passion, energy and convictions of the people who attended. It was a well organized forum, and we were made to feel very welcome with the great hospitality.”
Georgina Chang, Lush FM, MediaCorp, Singapore

“The IRF represents all that is right with the radio industry. Passionate people in the business for a love of music and community. The debates were lively and everyone seemed to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the 21st Century.”
Scott Cohen, The Orchard, UK & USA.

“It’s been a great experience to be at the IRF and meet lots of nice people and learn a lot and I give it the big thumbs up.”
Timmy Bryne, Kiss FM, Melbourne, Australia.

“It’s my second time at the IRF and it’s a pleasure to be back in Zurich to enjoy the nice location and meet great people who are passionate about the same things as me.”
Julien Mourlon, Laidback Radio, Bruges, Belgium.

“It’s a great audience at the IRF, very intimate, very high quality people here and in a very relaxing friendly atmosphere which I have enjoyed a lot.”
Gogi Gupta, Gupta Media, USA

“The IRF has been a serious means for me to meet new professional’s from radio stations, helping me create new partnerships, and feeding myself with their incredible experience, music and culture. As everybody who attended the Festival, I wish the IRF will get more and more famous every year. My team and I will always have the pleasure to look forward to helping the Festival on this path, since we consider the IRF as one of the best international events to committed both music and radio.”
Adrien Simonnet, International Media Relations, Francophonie Diffusion, Paris, France

“A very well organised festival, run by people who are passionate about radio, where like minded people can come together and express their frustrations, happiness and creativity in one place.”
M3nsa, DJ Black, Wanlov the Kubolor, Ghetto Radio, Ghana.

“When it comes to radio fairs/meetings for me the IRF is one of the most “efficient” ones.Everything is close by, all the participants are housed in the same hotel, the lectures and meetings are close to the hotel…. And so, you have the chance to meet all the people you want very easy.
That also affects the “vibe” at the IRF; all people are relaxed and ready to work. Not to forget the educational and fun aspect!
The radio shows of all the different people from all over the world are broadcast on FM all over Zurich as well as on the internet, and many also broadcast their show live back at their home radio station. That gives people the opportunity to get an idea / an overview of “how the world sounds” within a week!
I rarely have been to other professional meetings where I could make so many cool business contacts in such a nice atmosphere than on the IRF and I am glad to be a part of this festival for 2 years in a row now! Looking forward to be there next year again!”
Tim Thaler, Radio BLN.FM, Berlin, Germany

“I’m very happy that we were invited to the IRF and we hope it’s not the last time we will come to Zurich.”
Simona Albaviciture, Zip FM, Lithuania

“I’m really thankful to the IRF as there was a huge contest in India with over 180 radio stations applied for opportunity to represent the country and broadcast live from Zurich and we were so excited to be selected. Once we got here we realised there is everybody from every community and the opportunity meet people at a world level from Israel, Ghana, Germany and UK. It has opened up our minds in so many ways so we would like to thanks the IRF for giving us this opportunity.”
Malishka Stanley, Red FM, India

The IRF is an up and coming event that really puts in a lot of effort to make radio something got be reckoned with again, as in this present age of digital technology radio seems to be a little undermined and throws new light on the fact that radio is evolving.”
Chris Ho, Lush FM, Singapore

“It’s our third visit to the IRF and it’s a great place to meet people from all over the world who you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to hook up with. We’re also very chuffed to have won the award for the best international radio station.”
Andy Wilson, Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza, Spain

“It’s great to come to the IRF to meet people from all around the world who have the same passion for radio that we have to share ideas, share music and we’ve had an awesome time – and we secured three new show partners bringing our listeners even more listening value!”
Rascal, Outlaw and Carloss, Flex FM, UK

“What a refreshingly different conference: one where there’s conversation, rather than people talking at you all day. Lots of great ideas for radio – a great event for radio’s calendar.”
James Cridland, Media UK

“It’s been absolutely fantastic to come to the IRF and meet up with some wonderful people face to face that we would only be able to contact email or skype. It’s great to network and there are people from as far as Australia and India here.”
Steve O’Connor, Ministry of Sound, UK

“The IRF is all about bringing together the best in music radio from all over the world into one place for one week. I’m a massive fan of music radio and I’ve met some really fun, interesting and inspiring people who I hope to keep in touch with and hopefully do some great business with.”
Nikhil Shah, Mixcloud, UK

“The IRF is a sociable place, set it up so people are able to easily chat and network with each other.”
Dawn Monocle 24 Radio, UK

It’s an amazing place to be with so many different people here – live radio shows being broadcast in one room, bands being interviewed downstairs and discussions about interesting topics upstairs…. and the IRF even sports its own radio channel on all SWISS flights!.”
Stuart Manton, Student Radio Association, UK

“We feel privileged to win the IRF 2012 Award even before we have officially launched the station. This award goes out to all Accra kids waiting for a radio station that truly represents them.”
Maarten Brouwer, This is Africa, Ghetto Radio

“Chale full vim all the way! This be great start for greater things!”
FOKN Bois, Chale FM, Ghetto Radio Ghana

“The IRF unifies radio for its differences.”
Isilda Sanches, Radio Oxygenio, Lisbon, Portugal

“We met like-minded radio producers and presenters from all over the world at International Radio Festival from Ibiza, UK, Germany, Switzerland and so many more! What we discovered was that we all share positive thoughts for Music and Radio – there is no border. Broadcasting the International Radio Festival Special Feed Back Show on J-WAVE Show for 2 weeks received strong of response from our listeners in Tokyo. We are confident that listeners learned more about Radio in the World and gave them new ideas of what is so fun about Radio where music stands first. Also, I have to mention that it was beautiful experience to be in the centre of Zurich and the festival took fantastic care of us very kindly. We felt that we were very welcome! “
Mari Kimura & Akira Ishii, Shalala Company/J-WAVE, Tokyo Japan
www.shalala.co.jp + http://www.j-wave.co.jp

“The IRF was like meeting the family – lost cousins from all over the world which you were keen on getting to know.”
Matthias Bauer, BLN.FM, Berlin, Germany

“We were part of the inaugural event in 2010 and were very pleased with how we were received by the international community. The IRF helped us pick up new listeners and users in all territories of the world. We’re excited to be a part of this year’s Fest and will be showcasing another one of our terrific shows on the world stage. Not to mention that Zurich is a beautiful city and the hospitality we were shown was top notch”.
Peter Ferraro, General Manager, East Village Radio, NYC, USA

“Attending IRF 2011 will certainly remain one of this year’s highlights. A perfect organisation, a relaxed vibe and plenty of brilliant actors from the worldwide radio industry make it the best place to be if you work in the music radio sector.”
Julian Mourlon, Laidback Radio, Brussels, Belgium

“Both the Folded Wing & Selector teams had a fantastic few days at the International Radio Festival in Zurich. It’s such an amazing event, and a great chance to meet people who work in radio from all around the world. Doing our live radio show was really good fun, and it was great to watch all the other live shows too. So many great presenters and stations! We can’t wait for future editions of the IRF. Big up to the organisers for putting on such a brilliant event”.
Karen Pearson, Director Folded Wing, London, UK

“Our staff is encouraged to listen to radio stations across the U.S. for creative inspiration. However, an opportunity to not only listen to, but interact with people from, radio stations at the international level is tremendous. The IRF makes this uniquely possible”
Travis Loughran, KYLD-FM APD/Managing Director, Wild FM, San Francisco, USA

“The IRF was an excellent, informal platform to discuss music radio programming. In one and half days I made more useful contacts for my radio business than at any other such industry conference in the past.”
Jason Bryant, NME Radio, Town & Country Broadcasting, London, UK

The IRF comes at a time when radio goes global and the limitations of the airwaves are quickly disappearing. The IRF creates that space were minds alike meet to shape the future of radio.”
Alejandro Cohen, Dublab Radio, Los Angeles, USA

“The International Radio Festival is a wonderful concept, a celebration of radio’s global popularity and a chance for us all to bask in the success and diversity of this magic medium. We all have our favourite channels and stations but for a week, the IRF will showcase and celebrate the big wide wonderful world of broadcasting live from Zurich, Switzerland. It is with great anticipation that myself and a handful of the original UK pirate DJs will join the festival and share our memories and music from the days when the pirates ruled the waves.”
Tony Prince, DMCWorld.com, London, UK

“Connecting worldwide music radio / bringing you the real sound of the streets, the clubs and the bedroom studios / radio is everywhere.”
Nick von Frankenberg, Radio X, Basel, Switzerland

“The people behind the IRF do an amazing job. The Fest is certainly something to pay attention to on a number of levels. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!”
Peter Ferraro, East Village Radio, New York City, USA

“The IRF initiative in this day and age of radio’s unknown future is crucial. I urge all radio and media professionals to support this ground breaking initiative; today and in the future.”
Tony Prince, pioneering Radio Caroline radio jockey, UK

“Great idea. Beautiful meetings with so many people from different countries, different radio cultures and with all the same passion. Really good!”
Philippe Martin, Rouge FM, Lausanne, Switzerland

“The IRF is pushing the boundaries of radio making and will help define the future of what “music radio” can and will be!”
Benny Janssens, Laidback Radio, Brussels, Belgium

“As far as I’m concerned, the IRF has all the makings of one of the most relevant radio initiatives out there today. After our fabulous experience there, it’s no wonder it is fast gaining a sturdy reputation as one of the friendliest, most innovative, festivals on the music circuit today.”
Jill Canney, Radio Ibiza Rocks, Ibiza, Spain

“The IRF was an invaluable opportunity to hear the world as it sounds, and a unique environment to meet like-minded individuals from around the globe. Unbelievable that it’s taken so long for such a meeting of minds to take place!”
Danielle Perry, Kerrang! Radio, UK

“The team here at Kerrang! Radio and Q Radio were proud and honoured to broadcast at the IRF and found the experience to be a great way of sharing new ideas and discussing the future of what remains an exciting industry full of passion!”
James Walshe, Kerrang! Radio, UK

“As a very small new radio station, we were very surprised to be invited for the IRF. It inspired us to hang out with radio makers from all over the world and found out we all just want to bring good stuff to as many years as possible.”
Hugo van Heijningen, Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Great place for the meeting of radio minds to swap ideas, and keep radio relevant – absolutely unique!!!.”
Lord Fader, Loose Cannons, Kiss FM, London, UK

“IRF brings the hidden treasures of the current international radio landscape together, broadcasting a unique mix of what’s happening now in music culture worldwide.”
Radna Rumping, Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“As I work in digital and music radio so it’s very important for me to be here. The festival has been really interesting, I’ve met a lot of people and listened to some interesting key notes and I’ll definitely come back next year.”
Gustav Lützhoeft, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Copenhagen, Denmark.